Maternal brother

SF JD 5108 PHOENIX 1803

Phoenix was a stand out from the time he was a calf. He combines mass, muscle and overall power.  He comes from a powerhouse cow that stood in the top 5 in her class as a yearling at the 2010 JNHE and produced several sale topping breeding bulls throughout her career. Phoenix calves come with moderate birthweight, fast growth, lots of bone and thickness. Semen Available

​Maternal brother

                                                           NJW 98S R117 RIBEYE 88X ET​

   -      MH 122L PROPHET 5108 ET

                                                           MH 29F MISS ONLINE 8367 ET

                                                           RAMSEY'S FIREWALL

   -     PATTON MH LAVERN 909

                                                           RAMSEY'S LAVERN PRETTY LADY ET

MH 122L Prophet 5108 ET, Phoenix's sire.

SF JD 5108 Phoenix 1803

3/20/2018      REG: 43943586

​909, Phoenix's dam

Maternal brother

CE     BW     WW       YW     MM     MG

-7.2    6.5      73           120       29       66

Actual BW : 78

Actual WW : 635

​Actual YW : 1,105