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​Black Herefords

     Black Herefords really are a unique breed blending the best of two worlds bringing together the maternal qualities and feed efficiency of Herefords with the Angus carcass quality and highly prized black hide that is so highly demanded these days. Building Black Herefords as a breed requires a fresh perspective to blend the best of two different breeds into one package that performs well for the cattleman and the consumer.


   Our black hereford program is really just in the beginning stages. We started out with a few black herefords a couple of years ago, but we were generally unsatisfied with the overall choices in genetics on the market at that time. We  scaled down our efforts for a short while but are now looking to build a herd of them. In the last few years the breed really has exploded with many high quality genetics available and we have felt that better  options are now available to get started off on the right foot.

    We are focusing our efforts not so much on building a herd based totally on boughten genetics but rather we are starting with a few carefully selected founding members and a select group of females chosen from some of our best genetics to build our own herd suited to our standards.


     We are really looking forward to seeing where this new venture takes us as we will start seeing some of our first calves beginning next year. 

To learn more about the Black Hereford breed please click on the icon to the right to check out their website.