‚Äč                                               BR COPPER 124y

      -  BR DUNCAN 4142

                                               BR HOLLY 0012

                                               KJHVH 33N REDEEM 485T ET

      -  C&L MISS REMEDY 485T 17A

                                               C&L MISS DOMINET 2007 4X

We purchased Duncan out of Perk's Ranch Fall 2018 sale with his first calves arriving in the spring of 2020. They have not disappointed us! We look forward to seeing more of his calves in the future as we will be using him more frequently. He has proven himself as a heifer bull, producing calves that are small, vigorous and hit the ground growing. We are excited to see what his calves do in the future.

2/5/18               REG: 43937837