​                                      Remitall Boomer 46B

Sire: PW Victor Boomer P606

                                     PW Victoria 964 8114]

                                     JN Balder 8413

Dam: GZF Y31 Electra]

                                     LJR Electra 134U

​GZF P606 Electric C240

Reg. No: HB009562

​DOB: 10/5/15

Homozygous Polled

For Sale! Contact us to learn more.

We purchased Electric from Ground Zero Farms through their 2018 In The Black Sale. We have high hopes for him as one of our founding members of our fledgling Black Hereford Program. Our plan is to use him to produce high percentage females to build our program with. He is a son of the great P606, a proven female maker. We look forward to seeing what he can do for us.